Master Rosetta MUI Suet Ying

Executive member of the HK Wushu Union, HK WuShu Champion, Whole America WuShu champion....

Courses Content Fees Target Time & Location
Early childhood Introductory Whole body exercise with wushu can strengthen young children's muscle coordination, physical fitness, as well as concentration, patience and discipline. $1000/month
(45 min class)
Age 3-5 K1) Sat morning

K2) Sat afternoon
   Tseung Kwan O


Through learning the basics of Chinese Martial Arts, students can build up their personality with discipline and confidence, as well as understanding more about the Chinese traditions.
Classes will be conducted in English.


Age 6-17

E1) Sat afternoon

E2) Wed Night

Wushu / TaiChi

Teach Wushu basic techniques and the basics of TaiChi. Focusing on stretching and relaxing exercise, offering adequate workout relieving students from stress.


Age 18+

A1) Sat afternoon

A2) Wed Night


Focus on parent-child interaction and building parent & child relationships. Parents and their kids will share their workout experience while enjoying the fun of Wushu.

$1500/month per pair

Age 3+

P1) Sat afternoon

Short Course

Taylor-designed short course according to students' need.  Suitable for visitors who want a taste of Chinese Martial Arts, or athletes who are looking for a boost-up training for the coming competition / performance. Can be bare-hands or weapons form or any mix.



Z) Time & place
  arranged by booking


For private lessons with tailor-made programme (individual or with your friends),
or other details, please contact 6688 1946 or email



  • Duration of each session is one hour, unless otherwise stated.

  • Tuition fee covers four sessions per month.  In case of a five-week-month, there will be no training session on
    the fifth week.

  • Please pay on the last session of the month for coming month.

  • Tuition fees can be paid in cash or by cheque (payable to: Rosetta Mui Suet Ying).

  • Make-up sessions can be arranged within one month, only if students notified the Master about his/her
    absence at least one day in advance (either by phone or email).

  • Classes will be cancelled when:

  •     - the Hong Kong Observatory issues a Red/Black Rainstorm Warning during the three-hour period before class
        - the Hong Kong Observatory issues a "Pre-No. 8 Special Announcement” or hoists Typhoon Signal No. 8 or
            above during the three-hour period before class.
  • In the event of a typhoon or other inclement weather, it is at the discretion of parents as to whether to let their children attend classes.

  • No make-up session will be arranged for cancellation due to inclement weather.

Class rules

  • Please notify the master whenever a student feels sick during class.

  • Please prepare your own weapon when needed.

  • Suitable clothing:

  •     - Top: Anything comfortable. Ladies may want to pay attention to the collar width etc.
        - Trousers: Anything that allows your legs to move freely.
        - Shoes: Non-marking sport shoes. (Note: acrobatic shoes are not suitable)
        - Jacket may be needed for the air-conditioned gym.
  • For sports centers equipped with water fountain, students may bring along their own water bottle.