Master Rosetta MUI Suet Ying

Executive member of the HK Wushu Union, HK WuShu Champion, Whole America WuShu champion....


Master Rosetta MUI Suet Ying (PhD)

PhD in Psychology,Executive member of the HK WuShu Union



Greatings from the Chief Executive after the Asian Games


Experience Teaching

  • Head coach of The University of Hong Kong

  • Wushu/Taichi course instructor of Baptist University

  • Head coach of Cardiff University Wushu team (UK)

  • Head coach of University of Arizona Wushu team (USA)

Leading students to join Wushu competitions nation-wide

Newspaper clip from Arizona, USA


Wushu Achievements

  • 8th in Asian Games, 1998 (Women's Nanqua)

  • 6th in East Asian Games, 1997 (Nanquan)

  • 8th in Asian Championship, 1996

  • Champion in Beijing Wushu/Taiji International Competition, 1994

  • Champion in Asian Youth Competition, 1997, 99

  • Champion in USA Open 2 years in a row [02-03]

  • Champion in HK Open 6 years in a row [94-99]

  • Champion in HK Youth competition 5 years in a row  [1993-97]

  • HKSDB Sports & Academic Excellence Award winner 3 yrs in a row [1997-99]

  • South China Morning Post Best Sports Students Award [1998]

  • Shatin & Saikung district best sports person award [2000]

East Asian Games on 4/1997,
the very last time HK using the colonial flag in intl. games.

As HK Team flag bearer at the Asian Youth Competition


Recognized Qualifications


  體育學院 教練証書
Qualified Coach 


  韓國釜山  東亞運動會 
Pusan East Asian Games

Bangkok Asian Games


Champion in 97 Asian Youth Championship


澳洲悉尼 奧運會
Sydney Olympic Games